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What is FemTech?


🙏 Written by Mariana Keymolen Industrial/UX Designer Femtech Focus Social Media Manager Webpage @keymolen_design


FemTech describes products and services for women’s health and wellness. This includes the entire experience with the product or service. Many of the issues within FemTech, such as, access to menstruation products, mental health support, and menopause, all require a process as a solution. As an Industrial Designer, this was very natural to me.

That is why I was so taken away by the fact that I hadn’t heard of FemTech before. I realized all the instances in which women were expected to “just deal with it” or even worse, seen as exaggerating about her pain and discomfort. I knew then that I had to be part of this industry’s growth.

I actually found out about what “FemTech” means during a FemTech Innovation Challenge, the first one hosted by my University. From there I searched for a way to stay in touch with awesome FemTech leaders and I found myself becoming part of the founding team of FemTech Focus. FemTech Focus is a non-profit organization founded to empower, equip, and bring together healthcare professionals, life-science entrepreneurs, and forward thinking investors to revolutionise women's health and wellness. Additionally, we run the #1 FemTech podcast in the world. You can learn about contraception, sexual wellness, endometriosis - the list goes on.

I will continue to reach out to FemTech leaders, learn about the innovation in different sectors, and encourage more people to become FemFans. Want to learn more about FemTech Focus and the opportunities in this industry ?

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Listen to the Episode with Mariana here

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