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Strategic Planning for a Net-Zero Emission Future Enabled by Carbon Markets

In the ninth episode of Season 3, Hillary Stevenson - Energy Enthusiast | Senior Advisor, Crude Markets @Validere talks us through what’s for lunch in the crude market and how to develop and implement a sustainability strategy.

The total value of global carbon markets grew by over 20 percent in 2020—the fourth consecutive year of record growth. Compliance carbon markets (CCMs), where mandatory national, regional, or international regimes trade and regulate carbon allowances, play an increasingly visible role in efforts to reduce emissions.

  • As the drive to curb global warming gathers pace, carbon markets have become increasingly fundamental to achieving net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • One of the central questions top of mind for energy companies revolves around planning for tomorrow in light of the dynamic nature of those markets and technologies today.

This is a great episode if you are interested in to the energy transition and need to develop a sustainable strategy for your company!

Hillary Stevenson is the Senior Advisor, Crude Markets at Validere. With more than a decade of experience in oil market analysis, Hillary works closely with sales, product, services, and marketing to pair Validere solutions with customer needs to remove friction and add value in both supply chain operations and ESG initiatives.

Hillary is a subject matter expert on crude oil trends and their impact on the North American crude oil supply chain, with particular expertise in Cushing oil storage, North American refining, and pipeline networks.

Early in her career at Genscape, Hillary developed and deployed the industry’s first remote sensor surveillance network to provide never-before-seen granularity and transparency into crude oil supply and demand.

Outside of work, Hillary actively participates in community engagement work and volunteers with Clothe the West, a mutual aid organization benefiting BIPOC children. She loves to cook, golf, practice yoga, and play pickleball.

Her vision for the future is one where we have transparency into our energy supply and that our energy supply sustainably supports human prosperity. A future where data and facts inform consumer energy choices.

Validere is a measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) SaaS company that helps energy organizations transform disconnected, incomplete data into clear and immediately actionable pathways to financial and environmental value.


  • The trajectory of Hillary into the crude market [Start: 1.40 min]

  • The forces shaping the crude markets [Start: 4.00 min]

  • The role of the sustainable energy transition: Crude markets on a diet? [Start: 4.40min]

  • What’s the biggest challenge in approaching the energy transition? [09.50 min]

  • How to plan for tomorrow as a leader in the crude market? [Start: 10.57 min]

  • **What are the three phases of the energy transition? [**Start 16.26 min]

  • Examples of successful companies leading the energy transition [Start 24.49min]

  • How you can become a sustainability influencer [Start: 32.21 min]

You can find Hillary Stevenson here:

And Validere here:

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