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What are examples of smart cities?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Smart solutions can enhance various aspects of the quality of life in cities. For instance, smart cities are a solution to urbanization and global climate change.

Smart cities can use smart technologies to improve some key quality-of-life indicators by 10 to 30 percent—numbers that translate into lives saved, fewer crime incidents, shorter commutes, a reduced health burden, and carbon emissions averted.

Smart cities are all about data and technology for better decision-making. To watch events as they happen, getting deep insights into demand patterns enhances the ability to respond with lower-cost solutions for public infrastructure (schools, community buildings, libraries etc).

In this episode, I speak with Amy Zhuo, Vice President - Timberline Real Estate Partners about her journey into the world of equity finance and her mission to combat poverty by building smart cities around the globe.

Amy shares some great recommendations on how to overcome imposter syndrome and build more confidence as women in finance.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

With all the best wishes,



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