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How to radically innovate in Finance?

In the third episode of Season 3, Dorte Kurek walks us through the power of radical innovation for sustainable finance.

Dorte creates innovative tech solutions to facilitate the green and sustainable transition of companies. Her focus is to identify and remove barriers to transition companies using a blend of co-creation, action learning, and deep analysis. She has held former roles as COO, Head of Compliance, Head of ESG Compliance and DPO (GDPR).

Currently, she is helping the Fintech and Impact company Valified succeed in building solutions for a more sustainable future.

Valified makes the green transition simple for any size of business. The company offers a digital platform that makes it easy to register, measure, report, share and benchmark companies' work on the transition. Valified develops intelligent, data-driven technologies and services that across value chains accelerate development towards greener and more sustainable companies.

This is a great episode if you want to learn how to set up and execute an innovation process to drive sustainable finance.

You can find Dorte on LinkedIn here.

I hope you enjoy this episode!


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