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How to Improve Your Money Confidence?

In this episode, energetic and FinTech expert Leitha Matz walks us through her start-up journey from being a journalist to becoming a recognized Executive for digital strategy and co-founder/CPO at FinMarie.

Martha worked at Mind the Gap (MtG) e.V., a non-profit organization focused on financial education for women and knows about the importance of financial freedom for women. In addition to all her strong previous activities, it is now also important to her, together with the FinMarie team, to make women more secure in dealing with money.

In this third episode we talk about what it takes to become financially literate, why FinTechs can serve women so much faster and better than 'old school' banks and what you can do to become a 'first dancer' in the FinTech industry.

A big thank you to Martha for being on the Show.

❤️Happy BrainFruits 🍍

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