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How to get more women to succeed in entrepreneurship?

In the eighth episode of Season 3, Ella Rytsölä - Project Manager @ TechVelopment | Co-Founder @ WithPurpose tells us about her Superpower and explains how to get more women into entrepreneurship.

With Purpose is a platform that helps women start, run and grow purpose-led companies. Her background merges business, sustainability, and innovation. Ella is excited about the potential of impact innovation in solving the biggest problems in the world and as a hardcore feminist, gender equality is integrated into everything she touches.

Her vision for the future is that the entrepreneurial landscape is a level playing field for diverse talent.

25% of founders in the Nordics are women, with numbers slightly different between each country. 18% of the total available VC funding goes to female-only teams, while 18% goes to mixed teams & the rest to male-only founded companies.


  • Start-up trajectory of Ella [Start: 1.00 min]

  • The superpower of Ella [Start: 1.38 min]

  • The Role of Venture Capital Firms [Start: 4.27min]

  • The Role of Start-up Schools like WithPurpose [09.00 min]

  • Examples of successful ventures [Start: 10.57 min]

  • Tools & Tactics to start a successful and purposeful venture [23.33 min]

You can find Ella Rytsölä here: And WithPurpose here:

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