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How to build inclusive leadership?

In the first episode of Season 2, I have the chance to sit down with Sile Walsh, one of the top 10 coaches in Dublin, Ireland focusing on inclusive leadership.

Sile Walsh specialises in inclusion and leadership, with a background in coaching psychology and organisational development, and over 10 years working with clients in Ireland and internationally.

Sile's approach is trauma informed, inclusive and humanistic. Utilising an individual and systemic lens to encourage a collaborative, insightful and impactful learning experience.

Inclusive leadership is the capacity to manage and lead in an empathetic, bias-free way effectively while respecting unique traits and characteristics of a heterogenous group of people.

In this episode, Sile explains why inclusive leadership is an authentic leadership style and how organisations can adopt a new form of leading a globalised workforce.

I would like to thank Sile Walsh for taking the time to record this episode.

Happy BrainFruits 🍍❤️

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