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Women in STEM

Mentorship Program

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Mentorship for women in STEM to up-skill in Data Science, AI, and Programming

6 weeks - Fully digital - Up to 8 hours of mentorship

The 'FemmeForward: Women in STEM Mentorship Program' is designed by leading Women in Tech initiatives in the Nordics to empower women to gain the confidence, tech skills, and network they need to advance their careers with purpose in the STEM field.

With 6 weeks of fully digital sessions, up to 8 hours of individualized mentorship, and access to our team of expert mentors, you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to upskill in data science and artificial intelligence, and use innovative technology, negotiate a higher salary and build the strategies to engineer the future in tech and finance. 

We believe that women in Tech & Finance deserve a seat at the table.

Why FemmeForward Mentorship

For a vibrant career in STEM, mentorship remains the chute that will get you up and flying ahead of the crowd. Get assigned to a mentor suitable for you and you’ll be amazed by the support, learning, and enjoyment you get out of the process of conquering STEM. Because each female that makes a leap forward brings our society closer to eliminating the gender gap in STEM.

Why You Should Join

Research shows countless proven benefits of mentorship programs. For instance:

Our mentors are experts in tech and finance and will help you up-skill and provide useful tips and tricks to build the tools and strategies for a purposeful career in tech. Our mentorship dramatically builds your confidence and provides a strong support network. Mentorship sessions are on a weekly basis and focus on the new tech skills needed for career progression, professional and personal branding, leadership skills and financial planning. Moreover, the additional hours of one on one mentorship  address the mentee’s very individual questions.

With the mentorship matching program, you gain 

  • 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧Mentorship from an individually assigned tech & finance expert for 6 weeks 
  • 💭Weekly mentorship session of 45min with your individual mentor
  • 👩‍💻Bi-weekly ‘Forward’ sessions hosted by one of our guests on the power of AI, data, confidence, inclusion, and negotiation skills
  • 🤓Insights on how to use Data Science, Programming (R, Python, SQL), and Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems

What is expected from Mentees? 

Mentees are expected to know what they want out of the mentorship sessions with their mentors. They will set a goal together with their mentors on what they want to work on during the 6 weeks.

Who can join?

We accept applications from women who show a keen interest and dedication to leverage their career in the Tech & Finance sector. You should have at least 1-5 years of working experience in a related field and know what you expect from the mentorship program.
Please note that we only accept complete applications after we have carefully reviewed your application. The mentorship is free of charge but we do charge a EUR50 "no-show fee" in case >1 weekly session has been missed to protect the valuable time of our mentors. Further, we ask for a voluntary contribution at the end of the mentorship program to cover our expenses. These will be split equally between the FemmeForward Team.

Forward Sessions

Femme Forward Team


A mathematician performing Data Science or Engineering, writing lines and lines of Python or R code balanced by poetry and performance co-creation.
Currently, a data engineer in the IT & Finance sector in a start-up-like environment with previous experiences in big companies and academic background in Probability and Statistics. 
As a mathematician, I believe that for data-informed decision-making, it is crucial to go beyond the mechanical deployment of statistical analysis. As an artist, I grasp problems with empathy, playfulness, and curiosity. As an eco-feminist, I see the biggest capital in people and sharing, not only the women in STEM, experience.
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Hannah Becher
Founder & Organiser

Data-savvy finance & risk professional focused on ensuring sustainable value and good governance building customer-centric FinTech solutions.
As a Senior Risk & Decision Scientist @Pleo, I build risk rating models and focus on automation and process excellence in launching new products and markets. Through engaging with C-executives, product managers, and the regulator, I am part of our mission to  'make everyone feel valued at work' while scaling rapidly across Europe.
As the Executive Programming Director for ACFCS, I ensure we create a strong network and provide a platform to empower risk professionals to combat financial crime in the Nordics.
I founded @BrainFruits in 2021 with a mission to empower women to excel in Machine Learning, AI, and Regulatory Technology.
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Neha Imtiaz Ullah

I am an electrical engineering student at Denmark's Technical University, and I have been a first-hand witness to how small a portion of STEM fields include women. The basis of Nordic Women in STEM lies in the realization of just that. I have ever since I started university wanted to serve in a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice regarding the STEM fields. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. 
I founded Nordic Women in STEM with a goal of being able to expose girls to the STEM fields and the women working in these fields. Role-models are essential and so is trying out STEM concepts to really understand what STEM is all about. My ultimate goal is to work towards narrowing the gender gap that exists today and establishing initiatives that will better allow girls to decide what they want to pursue.


  1. What is the ‘Femme Forward’ mentorship program?

The mission of the ‘Femme Forward mentorship program is to elevate women in technology and finance through confidence building, education and training in Data Science, AI, and innovative Technology to close the gender gap in these industries and promote diversity and inclusion.
FemmeForward aims to achieve women’s empowerment which is integral to each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders in 2015.

The Femme Forward mentorship program is specifically designed to provide mentorship and guidance to individuals, with a focus on elevating and upskilling women in the tech and finance industry. Within the mentorship program, mentees gain access to role models and leaders from the Tech & Finance sector.

Through the program, mentees learn to harness the power of Data Science, AI and new technology to gradually become leaders who can pave the road towards a sustainable future.

   2. Who is the target group for this program

The program is open to women  from Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Island) who are looking to up-skill in Data Science, AI and new technology to become leaders in their field.​

  3. How does the mentee-mentor matching work?

We take into account the mentee's preferences and background to find the best match with a mentor who is an expert in tech or finance and has over 5+ years of experience.

  4. Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are experts in their field and have over 5+ years of experience from diverse backgrounds. They are renowned technology or finance leaders.

  5. Costs  and Benefits

The launch round of our mentorship Program will be completely free of charge. We ask for a voluntary contribution if you are satisfied with the outcomes and value! The mentorship is free of charge but we do charge a EUR50 no show fee in case >1 bi-weekly session has been missed to protect the valuable time of our mentors.

  6. The schedule

You will meet with your mentor once a week. Additionally we will have 6 ‘Forward’ sessions hosted by experts in Tech & Finance who share their unique success stories with you.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All participants must agree to maintain confidentiality and not reveal the name, brand, or logo of the 'FemmeForward: Women in Tech & Finance Mentorship Program' to any third party without written consent.
  2. Participants must attend all online sessions and complete assigned tasks to receive mentorship.
  3. Participants must comply with all program policies and procedures as outlined in the mentorship program's materials.
  4. The mentorship program reserves the right to terminate a participant's enrollment if they violate any terms and conditions outlined in these terms and conditions.
  5. Mentorship program materials and content are proprietary and confidential. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of any materials is strictly prohibited.
  6. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the mentorship program.
  7. By participating in the program, participants agree to have their name, image, and testimonials used for promotional purposes by the mentorship program.
  8. The mentorship program reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time without notice.
  9. The mentorship program will not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred by participants as a result of participating in the program.
  10. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the mentorship program and the participant and supersedes any prior understanding or representation.
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