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“ Through powerful connections, skills and technology,

we empower women in Tech to Shape The Future."


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>> 6weeks of fully digital mentorship <<

 >> Up to 6 hours of individualized mentorship with your mentor


 >> Femme Forward sessions led by a variety of expert speakers

 >> Access to our wide network of tech experts 

 >> Mentees and Mentors matching expertise based not only on taste for humor


For a vibrant career in TECH, mentorship remains the chute that will get you up and flying ahead of the crowd. Get assigned to a mentor suitable for you and you’ll be amazed by the support, learning, and enjoyment you get out of the process of conquering TECH. Because each female that makes a leap forward brings our society closer to eliminating the gender gap in TECH.


04.11.2023 - 09.12.2023

 >> Weekly mentorship session

 >> 45-60min with your individual mentor

 >> flexible,
i.e. based upon agreement

 >> Saturday Femme Forward sessions

 >> Weekly every Saturday from 10 AM CEST

 >> All online
 >> Recording provided 



Are you a renowned technology or finance leader?
OR are you an expert in any TECH field with over 5+ years of experience?

Would you wish to invest an hour weekly for 6 weeks into individualized mentorship to gain following 👇?

Then you are meant to be our Mentor.

 >> Engagement >>

Engage closely with budding professionals, creating a future that's inclusive and progressive.

 >> Learning and Leadership >>

Take on pivotal roles to guide the next generation, reflecting on your own experience.

 >> Insights >>

Understand the challenges faced by the new generation, preparing for tomorrow’s industry.

 >> Diverse Perspectives >> 

Engage with mentees from varied backgrounds, enriching your global outlook in STEM.



100 %

of Mentees said that they gained specific skills or knowledge from the program 

70 %

of Mentees said that they build a network with other women in Tech through the program

With the mentorship matching program, you gain:

 >> Expert mentor >> 

Mentorship from an individually assigned Tech expert for 6 weeks. 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧

 >> Unique Networking >> 

A dynamic, organic platform connecting not just mentors and mentees but an expansive professional network. 🤝

 >> Decision-Making >>

Improve your decision making skills with our free resources and advice from your mentor. 💭

 >> Mental Well-being >>

Overcome obstacles, address feelings of isolation, and combat imposter syndrome.

 >> Rich Learning >>

Bi-weekly ‘Forward’ sessions hosted by one of our guests on the power of AI, data, confidence, inclusion and negotiation skills to gain insights through human, personal experiences that can't be found in standard resources. 👩‍💻

 >> Tech insights >>

Insights how to use Data Science, Programming (R, Python, SQL) and Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems 🤓.

>50 %

kept working with their mentor or with similar programs after finishing

>10 x

The phrase 'grateful for my mentor' appeared over 10 times



Enable More Women to participate in the program.


>> Prominent logo placement on program materials

>> Dedicated acknowledgment during program events

>> Featured recognition on social media as

a "Forward Her" sponsor

>> Opportunity to lead a mentorship session or panel discussion

>> Sharing of Job Positions etc.

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   1. What is Femme Forward?

Our vision is to  “Forward women in Tech to tackle the challenges of the 21st century”.

FemmeForward aims to achieve women’s empowerment which is integral to each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders in 2015.

The mentorship platform connects Female Leaders in Tech with over 5 years of experience with recent graduates or career transitioners to accelerate the Tech career of mentees, globally. 


Our 'FemmeForward: Women in Tech Program' is designed to empower women to gain the confidence, skills, and decision-making tools they need to kick-start a career for a better future in the Tech field.

With 6 weeks of fully digital mentorship, up to 6 hours of individualized mentorship, and access to our wide/whole network of expert mentors, current and former mentees (dealing with similar situations/issues), and many other professionals in the field, you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to negotiate a higher salary, upskill in data science, programming, and artificial intelligence, professional branding and career growth and build the community, support, tools and strategies for a purposeful career in tech and finance.

   2. Who is the target group for this program

1) Recent graduates aged >25 years in Tech with a job OR / AND

2) Employees wanting to upscale/shift career to Tech

3) They want to work globally and have an international education background (at least 1 internship/job / studies abroad)


1) Women with >5 years experience in Tech with a leadership role
2) Humour and human relating skills

  • Humor: We use humor to match Mentees and Mentors.

  • Behavioral Interviews: We ask mentors about past situations where they handled emotional or interpersonal challenges, looking for insight, understanding, and self-awareness (15 min interview).


3) Technical and Subject Matter Expertise

  • AI: This includes designing, training, and deploying AI models; interpreting results; and integrating AI solutions into various applications.

  • Data Analytics and Big Data: This involves understanding tools for data wrangling, visualization, and statistical analysis, as well as knowing how to work with large datasets using platforms like Hadoop or Spark.

  • Coding and Webdevelopment: Python, Java, HTTP, R, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Product Design

  • Data-driven Financial Crime Prevention: Fraud Prevention, AML and CTF

  3. How does the mentee-mentor matching work?

We take into account the mentee's preferences and background to find the best match with a mentor who is an expert in tech and has over 5+ years of experience. We also look for overlaps in type of humor.  It will add a unique and enjoyable dimension to your mentorship program, fostering stronger connections and more engaging interactions.

  4. Costs  and Benefits

Since we believe that the time and energy of our mentors are valuable,  we compensate mentors but give them the choice to 'gift' their mentorship which means the entire program will be free of charge for mentees.

💰In general: Mentees will need to pay this standard fee of 300 EUR pr. month covering the program costs and mentor commitment.  FemmeForward keeps a 25% fee of the price. 

🎁  Gifting: If mentors decide to gift their mentorship we will do the same: As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we provide a limited number of free mentorship opportunities to individuals from developing countries and/or based on merit.

  5. The schedule

You will meet with your mentor once a week. Additionally, we will have 6 ‘Forward’ sessions hosted by experts in Tech & Finance who share their unique success stories with you.
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