Setting anyone up for sustainable financial success in the digital era regardless of gender, ethnicity, location or age.


Our mission is to give women in the tech & finance sector the tools & tactics to engineer a sustainable future.


The gap in financial and emotional wealth is enormous in the tech space. Financially, women own just $0.32 for every $1 a man owns. Emotionally, even when financially more independent than men, women are still 40% more likely to experience stress.

Since the outset of this pandemic, we realized that nothing is more precious than well-being. Sharing success stories & tactics from a myriad of role models in the tech & finance sector can help our customers to engineer their financial well-being.





Meet our team


Hannah S. Becher

Founder and Host

A question that had intrigued me since 2019 in the scope of the research for my Master's Thesis on the Economics of Well-Being. Technology can smooth disruption and improve inclusive well-being in this rapidly everchanging business environment.

I'm greatly excited to take listeners on a journey around the globe as I gather advice on 'how to engineer your future'  from role models all around the globe. 


I hope you enjoy the episodes while finding inspiration and encouragement to exceed your current skills for bringing positive change to your own career and towards an inclusive economy of well-being.

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Richi Malhotra

Marketing Manager

Richi is a Marketing and Communications professional with over 4 years of work experience across geographies (Asia and Europe), industries (Technology, Media, and Telecom, Energy and e-Mobility, Non-Profit, Education, and Culture) and functions (Strategy, Marketing, Communications). 

Richi graduated with an MSc Management + CEMS MIM double degree from the National University of Singapore, HEC Paris and the University of Cologne, and holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Delhi. When she is not working,  she like to travel, cool read and write for pleasure.

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Ugne R. Petersen

Branding Manager

As a psychology-loving individual, it's very inspiring to me to support such an inclusive initiative towards global well-being and collective positive thinking.

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