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An economy of inclusive well-being in business and fintech.


BrainFruits is encouraging the next generation of professionals to harness tech, problem-solving, and psychological skills in order to handle the challenges of the 21st century.





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Hannah S. Becher

Founder and Host

A question that had intrigued me since 2019 in the scope of the research for my Master's Thesis on the Economics of Well-Being. Technology can smooth disruption and improve inclusive well-being in this rapidly everchanging business environment.

I'm greatly excited to take listeners on a journey around the globe as I discuss the big question of our time with inspiring women changemakers. 


I hope you enjoy the episodes while finding inspiration and encouragement to exceed your current skills for bringing positive change to your own career and towards an inclusive economy of well-being.

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Marketing Manager

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Ugne R. Petersen

Branding Manager

As a psychology-loving individual, it's very inspiring to me to support such an inclusive initiative towards global well-being and collective positive thinking.

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